Summer Camp

MAPLERIDGE Ranch is the home of high-energy, age-appropriate and life-changing experiences. We are thrilled to bring you another summer packed with the things you have come to expect and love! Designed for campers ages 7-17, the Ranch is a kid’s paradise, steeped in tradition with top rate activities and staffed with godly, fun-loving role models.

Here at MAPLERIDGE, we offer 6 Resident Camp Sessions.

Resident Camp
Resident Camp is one experience after another! We have a high-energy, random fun environment that is ripe for life change. A week at the Ranch is packed full of fun activities, engaging skills, hilarious skits, crazy games, and loud cheers. Each camper chooses 3 Challenging Skills to pursue… everything thing from being a SkyHigher to Outdoor Adventurer. Campers (ages 7-17) will have the chance to experience new adventures, build life long friends, and discover the love of Christ.

2018 Summer Camp Dates

Session 1 June 24 – June 30 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500
Session 2 July 1 – July 7 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500
Session 3 July 8 – July 14 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500
Session 4 July 15 – July 21 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500
Session 5 July 22 – July 28 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500
Session 6 July 29  – August 4 Ages 7-17 OPEN $500

* An additional $35 fee applies to Horsemanship and Paintball Skill.  

NOTE: Session 5 Girls is FULL (as of 1/11/2018)

A Typical Day at Camp

Resident Camp

7:15am  Rise & Shine
7:45am  Quiet Time
8:15am  Breakfast/Tidy Cabin
9:15am  Celebration
10:15am  Skill 1
11:15am  Skill 2
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm  “FOB” (aka Flat on Back)
2:00pm  Skill 3
3:00pm  Hitching Post
3:30pm   Flex Time
5:30pm  Dinner
6:30pm  Director’s Special
8:00pm  Worship
9:30pm  Cabin Pow Wow
10:30pm Lights Out

Wednesday is C&C at MAPLERIDGE Ranch: Cookout & Campout Night



At CAMP, campers will have the opportunity to choose three skills to participate in throughout the week. These skills may include activities such as Horsemanship, Paintball, Riflery, Horse Theory, Archery, SkyHighers (50′ Alpine Tower), Outdoor Adventure, Crafts, Bible Study, Swimming, Drama and many more!

Please Note:
Horsemanship Skill  

  1. There is an additional $35 fee for the Horsemanship Program.
  2. This skill is limited to the FIRST 25 Campers who sign up.
  3. Horsemanship takes up ONE of the THREE skill periods, with their skill period time riding a horse. If a camper would like add our Horse Theory Skill, they can choose it as a 2nd skill.
  4. Campers NOT registered for Horsemanship may have an opportunity to go on trailrides offered on a first come, first serve basis to all campers during Flex Time.

Paintball Skill

  1. There is an additional $35 fee for the Paintball Program.
  2. This skill is limited to campers ages 11-17.
  3. Paintball takes up TWO of the THREE skill periods, meaning campers will only be participating in TWO skills.
  4. Campers NOT registered for Paintball may  have the opportunity to play in pick up Paintball games offered on a first come, first serve basis to all campers ages 11-17 during Flex Time.


We’ve tried to answer some common questions below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please visit our CONTACT page and send us an email or call us.

When is Arrival & Departure for my camper?

All Campers ARRIVE on Sundays, between 4:00 and 5pm. The Ranch entrance will not be open before 4:00pm so please do not come any earlier as our staff will not be ready to receive your camper! Upon arrival you will check in your camper, visit the camp nurse, have a chance to deposit funds in the Hitching Post, meet your camper’s counselor, and help them get settled in to their cabin!

All Resident Campers DEPART on Saturdays following Closing Celebration at 9:30am. 

What kind of lodging and meals are provided at MAPLERIDGE?

Lodging is provided in our bunk house or smaller cabins. The rooms have bunk beds for sleeping. Bathroom facilities include showers, toilets and sinks.

Counselors and students are assigned to specific rooms based on their counselor group for the week.
Guys and girls stay in completely separate facilities. Two counselors will be in every room/cabin. No Guys in Girls rooms, No Girls in Guys rooms!

Our meals are graciously prepared by a wonderful kitchen staff who work hard to prepare meals that kids will love. Well balanced meals that are wide in variety keep campers’ energy up and their spirits high. If your camper has allergies, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

Our facilities pass and exceed all of the NYS Health Department’s requirements.

What should I bring for summer camp at MAPLERIDGE?

After you register, you’ll receive a packet of information via email. This will include things like what to bring, how parents can write to campers, and more information about camp activities. This packet will also include a form which allows you to request which friends your camper would like as roommates.

Paintball players: you may bring your own marker and mask. They will be locked up and labeled. The Ranch is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. You will be the only one allowed to use your equipment.

What should I NOT bring for summer camp at MAPLERIDGE?

Do not bring: radios, cd players, ipods, mp3 players, fireworks, electronics, tobacco,  Cell Phones. (If you bring a cell phone it will be locked in the ranch office until you depart for home.)

Can I contact my child while they are at Camp? Why no cell phones?

Under no circumstances can a student bring their cell phone to camp! Why? For several reasons: 1) It eliminates all distractions so that students can hear God clearly, 2) It ensures student safety and the proper chain of communication with parents, and 3) The Classic Motto: No News is Good News! If a student is found with a cell phone during Camp, it will be taken away. It will returned on Closing Day! If you have any questions/concerns please contact Camp Director.

We recommend that you not contact your child during camp, unless there is a serious emergency. If there is an emergency, please call the Ranch Office at 607-687-2238.

Besides your full-time staff, who else serves at MAPLERIDGE's summer camp?

Your child will be under the direct supervision of their assigned counselors. There will a 2:10 ratio of campers to counselors (Two Leaders for every TEN Campers). MAPLERIDGE will also have a Support Staff of 6 members, as well as 6 Program Staff on hand at all times.

We work year-round to prepare a quality summer staff. Many staff come from colleges around the country and dedicate their summer to working with your children. Counselor must be 18 years old, graduated high school, complete an interview, reference checks and a background check and also complete 2 weeks of training before camp begins. Our Summer Staff come from all over the East Coast.

What kind of activities do you offer for summer camp participants at MAPLERIDGE?

At MAPLERIDGE Ranch, campers will participate in life-changing experiences. Through challenging activities like the Alpine Tower and horseback riding, campers learn more about themselves and their creator, God. It is a time to be away from the distractions of every day life and their ordinary routines. Campers build meaningful and lasting relationships with their peers and most of all learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Schedules are organized for each specific week of camp keeping in mind the ages of the campers. They will never get bored! Activities include swimming, crafts, games, hiking, horseback riding, Alpine Tower, paintball, and archery (some activities have age limits.) Each day campers are led spiritually through songs, prayer & devotion times, and/or camp fire services led by their counselor, special guest speakers or other staff.

Will my child need extra money during Camp?

Everything needed during the week of camp (lodging, meals, etc.) has been covered in your camp cost. However, there is a Hitching Post located at The Ranch that your child may want to visit occasionally during free time. HP is our Camp Store. Parents may deposit money into their campers “account” upon arrival to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, extra snacks and drinks. (Camp registration fee includes one drink and snack each day Monday through Friday.) Money not spent can be collected before departure on Closing Day.

What are the payment options for my campers balance?

 At time of registration, there is a deposit of $50 due. You have 3 options for the remainder of your balance (after the deposit payment). You can either Pay in Full now, select a Monthly Installment Plan or Pay Balance by June 16th. We will send Email invoices to you on a monthly basis and collect payments for Installments Plans around the 15th of each Month via the credit card on file. All Payments are due by JUNE 16th, prior to arriving at camp. Reserve your spot today. Sign me up! 

I love what you're doing at MAPLERIDGE! How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in serving on staff at MAPLERIDGE, please visit our Summer Staff page. We are also looking for financial partners who want to invest in the future of MAPLERIDGE, and for people to sponsor campers. Just go to our GIVE page for more info.

What is the expected Code of Conduct of my child while at camp?

At MAPLERIDGE, we strive for everyone to have an awesome week of CAMP, and truly experience the Ranch Of Peace. In order to do so, we have a few rules to ensure everyone has a safe, awesome camp experience. Camper Code of Conduct

As a parent, what am I agreeing to by sending my child to camp?

At MAPLERIDGE, we understand you are trusting us with your most valuable possession on this earth. When sending your child, you will be asked to agree to the following form. You will sign this at time of registration. MRR Parent Agreement

Are there any scholarships available for my camper?

We desire every child would have an opportunity to attend MAPLERIDGE.  We strive to provide as many partial scholarships to families that are unable to afford the full cost of camp.  Partial scholarship funds are limited to the actual funds that have been donated to the Bob & Helen Monell Scholarship Fund, and are awarded at the discretion of The Board of Directors based upon the financial need of the camper. All Scholarship Applications are due April 30th, and will be awarded during the month of May. The Scholarship Application will become available in February 2018.

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