What We Believe

  • The verbal, plenary inspiration and authority of the Scriptures.
  • God as a Trinity of three persons and one essence.
  • The Deity and Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.
  • The Personality and Deity of God’s Holy Spirit.
  • The fall of man, the total depravity and subsequent guilt and universally lost condition of the human race.
  • Salvation as the free gift of God by grace through faith in the substitutionary blood atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • Permanency of salvation once received.
  • The physical, bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead.
  • The universal, invisible church composed of all believers.
  • The local church composed of immersed believers organized for the edification of the saints and spreading of the Gospel.
  • The local church as God’s primary instrument in accomplishing His work in this age.

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